I Might Just Cry :(

Well, readers, the school year is closing its doors and shutting us out. But, before the school year ends I would like to reflect on some spectacular times we had this past year. The Funniest moment in my eigth grade year was when my friends Ryan and Alex and I yelled at Sam Lawrence for ripping her pants!(same09.edublogs.org) make fun of her! My best moment with friends was when we spontaniously burst into song. The scariest moment was when a girl in my grade was rushed to the hospital beacuse she fainted. We all thought that she had a brain tumor, scary. So, there you go, another year by, and I will not cry!

Electoral College

If the electoral college were abolished, the qualification to vote should be how you think the president would change the world. If the people voted like that, the outcome would be great. Everyone would be happy with the outcomes of the elections. Also, if the the people did not like the outcome, they could only blame the other people.

The Trail of Tears Through My Eyes

This is a story I have put together in an attempt to repeace this man’s life.

My people witnessed many hardships on our road to the new land.  When the white demon, Andrew Jackson, forced us out of our great land. On our march, we were plagued with death, disease and ravishing hunger. They showed us o mercy, and I was young then, my people looked up to me in our time of need. I was their protector, without me, we would not withstand the bandit attacks. Even though 4,000 of my people died, I did not faltr, I did not stop. We could not show to the white man that we were weak, that we would die. So I lead my people over countless hills, through jagged ravine, and forded every stream. Many fatherless children came to me as their father figure, and many came to me for guidance. In my land, I became the cheif, and my people survived because of me. With only my gun, horse, and pride I lead them. Many white men tormented and ransacked our caravan, stealing our diminishing supplies.We arrived in our land with more than half dead, and heavy hearts to boot. Even though our trip was hard, the white men still killed our weak. Then, they made us work, hard labor they called it. They worked us till our finger skin was gone.No more were we in our homeland I thought. Sweet Oklahoma, I dreamt of it every night. When we awoke in the morn, tears came to my eyes. I will think of my land forever more. 






Brain Strain

I was presented with a question today, “Do you define a person by their actions or their intentions?” Of course, like any question asked by my teacher, difficult and there is always two sides to it. The tough part is, picking the side. My feeling on the subject is that I must judge on their intentions. I feel this way because someone could be robbing a bank because of a sick child they can’t provide for, or the dying mother they need to keep comfortable. Or maybe a woman lost her job and is dealing for money. Do you judge her by the intention to make money to provide for herself? You will probabvly say that she deserves jail or fine, but I think that her intentions are good. What do you think, brain is failing. 

10 Things To Do Before Death….

Well, I  am not going to do the usual sky diving masion thing, so here it goes

1. Start something that will change the world.

2. Find a girl who can eat a WHOLE Whopper within 1 minute

3. Act like a total fool,(more than usual), at a fancy place.

4. Meet someone who has completely fullfilled their life.

5. Travel to the most podunk town in America.

6. Have a meaningful conversation.

7. Become a great baseball player/coach.

8. Discover the brown note.

9. Play a instrument that was made by a leef blower.

10. See my dad’s invention hit it big.

P.S- Thank you Rob for tagging me!